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Trending: The Hottest 2018 Fall/Winter Church Suit Colors

Trending: The Hottest 2018 Fall/Winter Church Suit Colors

Bring out your Sunday best in trendsetting designer church attire.

The key word this season if flexibility. You can tone it down with dark colors or you can brighten it up  with colors that pop. Just do you!

Here are some of the hottest for 2018:

Fuchsia has been featured on all the runways this season...and for good reason. It's bright, vivid and it complements a variety of skin tones.

Dusty Rose
Here's another trendy pink alternative...Dusty Rose. It's softer than fuchsia but bright enough to light up any room. It’s a feminine color you can take from fall to summer. 

Purple is one of our favorite colors, and you can see why. It's so stately and regal. It works well by itself or as a complementary color.


Red is associated with joy, strength, leadership and courage. No wonder it's one of the most beloved colors in the world.

Mustard is bright and doesn’t need any reason to be fun. Just like the sun, you’ll radiate energy when you wear it.

Royal Blue
As the story goes, royal blue was created for a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte (1744-1818), and it’s been popular ever since. It goes will with just about any color including silver, white, black, yellow and orange.


The term "silver lining" emphasizes the hopeful side of a situation when it seems gloomy. You'll add shine and confidence to your wardrobe when you add silver to it.

As much as we love bright colors, black is timeless and never goes out of style. This season, however, it’s everywhere. It’s perfect because it flatters all skin tones, shapes, sizes and matches every other color.


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