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The Adulting Ahas of 2019

The Adulting Ahas of 2019

Adulting Aha's of 2022

I am the big 3.9.  The last year of my 30s!  And I can hardly believe it.  This age feels just like the others except more solid, sure, and content.  The dream-plan of my teens that had life figured out by 30 (because it was soooo far away) seems like an SNL skit now.  Life doesn't work like that, I have realized.  And I'm so glad it doesn't.  Every moment has NOT been good, but it has been worth it to bring me to where I am today.  I thought being 39 would feel older, but really, physically 39 feels like 29...better even!  The major changes haven't happened physically.  The major changes have happened mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  That's why on this birthday especially, I am reminiscing on what was important back then and what's real right now.  Here are my top 39 Adulting aha's of 20.
This is my adulting aha list of 2022.  What I believed in "then" in my early 20s.  And what I liv22e by now at 39!.
Adorable puppies Don’t come house trained
A Closet like Carrie Bradshaw Requires a Contractor
Bathrooms came stocked You must buy toilet paper
Full glam makeup every day That takes an hour
8 hours of sleep a night When?  How?
Televisions come with movie channels Channels are another bill
Road Trips are the best Can I fly there? 
Church lasts all day, in itchy clothes, & that’s just the way it is Church is 1.5 hours, in jeans, & you can bring coffee
Black Girls Rock Black Girl Magic
Wigs are for elderly people with thinning hair Why would I wear my hair out, I need a wig
People get paid to go on talk shows People pay a publicist to get them on talk shows
Student Loans will be easy to pay off What is this mortgage payment?
This Tweeting thing won’t catch on with adults …..
Lip Smackers Burt’s Bees
Wet n’ Wild M.A.C.
Velveeta  Goat cheese
Milk Almond
Leggings Leggings (stop playing)
Coincidences  Destiny
Glasses Contacts
Stilettos Block Heels
Pink and Purple Grey
#2 Pencils Notes App
Diaries Day Planners
Call waiting Caller I.D.
Cap N Crunch Oatmeal
Greens Kale
Team Sports Elliptical 
Varsity Letters Credit Scores
Swimming I just got my hair done
Limited Too Louis Vuitton
Worrying  Prayer
Yellow pages Yelp
Scrapbooks Instagram
Soda Alkaline Water
Things People
Presents Time
Insecurities Self-Love
Me You

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